The ultimate music streaming and online store for artists.


Artists and musicians can upload their music to the platform and sell music on the platform.

Can upgrade their account and upload unlimited songs by paying a monthly fee.


Can upgrade their account to AD FREE and get downloads for FREE by paying a monthly fee.


  • Over 30 Genres
  • Automatic Music Charting
  • Music Streaming Platform
  • Music Sales Platform
  • Playlisting
  • Artist Profiles
  • Listener Profiles
  • Upgrade to PRO Account fur Musician
  • (In Dev 0 Android and iPhone Apps)

We partnered with some of the industries greatest producers, managers, and label execs to provide a portal where artists can submit their music for sync-licensing deals. (Movies, Television etc.)

Search Placement Opportunities

Major & Indie labels, Publishers, Music Libraries and Film & TV Music Supervisors provide us with a precise list of genres of Songs, Instrumental Tracks and Artists they are currently looking for – then we provide our members with this info. You can browse through our open opportunities and if you see a match for your music, submit it to us, and our team will pre-screen it for the requesting Company.

Submit Your Tune

Artist pay $10-$15 per song to be evaluated by 5 industry professionals, and taste-targeted to potential fans.   Industry Professional or opportunity Professional listens, responds, and possibly selects your song for placement. If your music is on-point and rocks, we walk it in the door for you. Your music then starts to become solicited because it came from tunesubmit. (A Trusted Industry Source)

The ultimate music marketing services platform.

We help music artists grow their fanbase and get thousands of new listeners.

Artist can purchase individual marketing services or package services.


FREE Artist Page
Social Graphic Branding
Professional Press Release
Spotify Playlist Plays (approx 50k)
Spotify Streams (approx 50k)
Spotify Monthly Listeners (approx 50k)
Spotify followers (approx 15k)
YouTube Plays (approx 5k)
Youtube Subscribers (approx 1k)
Youtube Likes (approx 1k)
Instagram Followers (approx 15k)
Instagram Likes (approx 25k)

The platform also includes artists HYPER URL pages where they can direct fans to one unique page and collect valuable fan data!

We’ve partnered with ViVi Holdings to build a branded Esports team for Major League events.

We will begin in 2020 hiring amateur players to represent our Esports organization at a Local and Major LAN events throughout the USA!

We plan to have amateur teams competing in all 5 major Esports by mid 2021.  We will start with Call Of Duty and the COD League (Professional Esports League)

The ultimate Amateur League for Call of Duty Esports.

Currently there is no official Amateur League for the Call Of Duty Professional Esports League.  We are designing and developing a platform for amateur players to showcase their talent and team.

We will hold quarterly LAN Tournaments and monthly online tournaments throughout the year.

As of January 2020 Call of Duty League players will have a minimum salary of $50,000, along with other benefits. Call of Duty League teams will have between seven and 10 playersPlayers are guaranteed a base salary of $50,000 and they also have healthcare and retirement benefits.

This leaves a huge wide open market for the thousands of amateur players trying to reach the professional level.


An entertainment video network covering: Sports, gossip, e-news, WWE, top 10, song covers, music and movies.

A Mixed Martial Arts video network featuring MMA, UFC, Bellator, and many other MMA fighting styles.

An entertainment video network covering: Sports, gossip, e-news, wwe, top 10, song covers, music and movies.

The ultimate sportsfan network featuring the best gameday rivalries from around the globe.  Watch rivalries, knockouts, injuries, ESPN, NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB, MMA, Premier League, MLS, and E-Sports.

A gaming video network. Covering top pro gaming like MLG, Call Of Duty, Overwatch, League of Legends, Counterstrike, Fortnite, Madden, Reviews, and Gameplay.

A political network featuring the best politics videos on the net.

The ultimate prepper and survivalist video network featuring videos on fire, water, food, shelter, power, solar, medicine, hygiene, self-defense weapons, how to’s and reviews.

The ultimate FAILS video network. Covering top FAILS channels including, FAIL Army, Jukin, Best of The Weeks, Best of The Months FAILS.

The ultimate educational video network for Network Marketing professionals.   Featuring major brands, social media, tips, strategy, cold calls and recruiting.