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KWS Holdings Inc. Owns 100’s of Top Tier Brands and Domains (ASSETS).  These assets collectively make up the common stock offering.


  • Each ASSET holds a specific value of shares in KWS Holdings Inc., and are placed in the KWS Marketplace.
  • Each ASSET requires the purchase of a ticket to play.
  • ANYONE can purchase tickets with credit cart with an additional 3% charge at checkout or they can become members and purchase virtual currency for a 10% gain in spending in our marketplace.
    • $1500.00 – CC  Transaction = COST ($1545.00)  – SPEND VALUE (1500)
    • $1500.00 – COINS TRANSACTION = COST ($1500.00)  – SPEND VALUE (1550)


  • We accept E-Wallet Funds(10% gain) , cash, wire transfer, credit card.


  • Anyone who becomes a member and funds their E-Wallet, and purchases tickets with their coins can participate in our GOLD BONUS PAYOUTS.
  • Each ASSET has a pre-defined number tickets assigned before it maxes out.
  • As each ticket is purchased a pre-defined amount of GOLD is Vaulted creating seed capital for the brand.  10% of the vaulted GOLD is traded to KWS Holdings Inc. for Virtual Coins.
  • The GOLD BONUS:   is equal to 10% of the GOLD BONUS VALUE at time of SELL OUT(Value fluctuates with spot pricing)


  • SELLOUT means all available tickets have been purchased.
  • At SELL OUT each ticket purchased with our VIRTUAL COINS will be dispersed it’s GOLD BONUS PAYOUTS in the members E-Wallet.  This gives the member and additional 10% gain in purchasing power inside the KWS Platform.
    • ie. based on today’s spot:   TICKETS AVAILABLE: 3333 |  TICKETS SOLD:  3333   |   GOLD BONUS: $156,250.00 = $48.67 per ticket in CREDITED COINS (At Sell Out)
  • Once, this occurs the funding is ended, and Development begins.


  • Once the funding has closed each ticket holder will be converted over to an official Common Stock Holder in KWS Holdings Inc.
  • Company will be seed funded.
  • Company will have a Gold Reserve.